When should you consider getting your wisdom tooth removed?

Removal of wisdom teeth has become a common practice especially for young adults. There is no right age limit when it comes to getting the molars removed. However, younger people take a significantly shorter time to recover from this oral surgery .Although there are a number of preventive efforts to keep the molars in place, the following are the various cases where removal of molars is the best decision:

1.If the wisdom teeth remain completely hidden within the gums. Wisdom teeth can sometimes fail to emerge properly if they are trapped beneath the jaw. This can be caused by a cyst or infection which damages the wisdom teeth bone support or roots.

2.If the they emerge partially through the gums. Whether it’s painful or not will determine whether or not you get your molars removed but the choice is up to you. Most dentists in Tijuana advice you to go ahead with the procedure. This is because in grown molars are prone to cavities which are difficult to clean owing to their location. Filling the cavities may seem like a good idea but this is usually a short term solution because the cavities will keep on coming back. Therefore, getting the wisdom teeth removed will prevent future related problems.

3.If the wisdom teeth is crowded by nearby teeth. In some cases, the wisdom teeth fails to come in properly due to lack of sufficient room and ends up crowding or damaging the nearby teeth.

4. To prevent future problems. Healthy molars may need to be removed in order to prevent problems that may arise later on. The bones in the mouth gets harder as people age, which makes teeth removal tougher. Waiting could lead to surgical related complications such as fracturing of the teeth, heavy bleeding, severe numbness and even jaw lock. These complications could drag on for days or years.

Whether or not you should get your wisdom teeth removed isn’t a decision you should make entirely on your own. Consult on your dentist in order to make the best decision.