Is Mexico still attractive for global companies?

The threats of President Donald Trump, his protectionist policies, the fiscal reform of the United States and the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are no reason to stop the investments of transnational companies in Mexico.

A sign of this is that this year they await the arrival of investments from Europe, the United States and Asia, thanks to the work that the Mexican government has done to diversify the markets. If you are a foreigner and want to travel to Mexico for medical reasons, a weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico is a good idea.

This year we will continue investing, I have not heard anything that tells me that global companies will stop investing in Mexico, on the contrary there is a wide portfolio of projects.

He said that the total resources generate approximately nine thousand new direct jobs and 46 thousand new indirect jobs.

He stressed that the CEEG remains committed to long-term investment, as well as the will to be a strategic partner of the government to work for the economic and social development of the country.

Less uncertainty

On the renegotiations of NAFTA, Garcia said that they see a less uncertain scenario than at the beginning of the meetings, because President Donald Trump has lowered the tone of his statements, which gives a favorable perspective to the meetings.

He said that with the sixth round of negotiations the companies have more enthusiasm in advancing the agreements to modernize the treaty.

In his opinion, both Europe and Mexico have an interest to be completed as soon as possible, since it will be essential for international trade in 2018.

It would even give a gateway to companies from the old continent to America, as well as from the Mexicans to the eurozone.

Respect for the elections

When questioned about the upcoming presidential elections, global companies work in all countries of the world, where internal political processes are lived, a factor that, does not stop investment plans.

Although he said that they respect the decisions of election for governors in each nation, he also reiterated that companies seek that each investment has an environment of certainty, to create a better future in the country where they settle.