Is It Necessary To Extract The Wisdom Teeth?

Usually the wisdom teeth come out when you are over 17 years old. They carry that name because it alludes to the time in which they usually appear, osseus in adolescence, when it is supposedly the moment in life when the trial is already better formed. Or if the absence of another tooth is bothering you can find Tijuana dentist for bridges.

The wisdom teeth are 4: two on each side of the maxilla and two on each side of the mandible or lower jaw. Not all people have wisdom teeth, in some the wisdom teeth are not formed or only develop the third molar on one side, or only higher or lower.

Although the extraction of wisdom teeth is recommended, it is important to note that it is not always necessary. When the molars manage to exit correctly without damaging other teeth and there is no discomfort when biting, surgery is not necessary.

However, it is very common for wisdom teeth to come out crooked: sometimes they come out horizontally or at an angle where they press on other molars or the jawbone. When they come out in this way they can squeeze the structures in the mouth, cause damage to the jaw or nerves and even damage neighboring teeth. In some cases it happens that the wisdom teeth come out partially, which makes them prone to tooth decay and other diseases because they are difficult to reach with brushing and flossing, which causes bacteria to accumulate. In these cases it is necessary to remove them.

The ideal age to extract the third molar is between 16 and 22 years, since it is not yet fully formed. Around the age of 23, root formation occurs and extraction becomes more complex. From that age, there is more risk that the root is inside the mandibular canal, in which the nerve that gives sensitivity to the tooth is located, and surgery is more complicated. Before age 22, the post-operative is also better.

Our recommendation is that you perform a panoramic radiography, to assess if the third molar exists and what is its position. In this way, you can already diagnose the need to perform the removal and perform it as soon as possible. Most wisdom teeth are in the horizontal position or called mesioangular (inclined). The tooth does not change position after being formed, it develops in a bad position.

It is important to treat this issue before presenting discomfort and not necessarily wait until they leave to make a diagnosis, you can take a panoramic radiograph since age 16 to prevent any discomfort related to this issue.