Single Leg Amputee Sport Association

Brings together amputees to rehabilitate them through the sports they love.

Formed in 2001 at the end of the civil war in Sierra Leone, the Single Leg Amputee Sports Association brings together talented and motivated amputees to rehabilitate their minds, bodies and communities through the sports they love.

This project consists of the construction of a standard amputee football pitch, sports cinema and restroom, as well as the promotion of regular trainings and football leagues in the Magbentah community.

Despite Sierra Leone’s efforts for peace and rehabilitation, amputees still have little access to social integration through sports. Thus, SLASA will construct a football pitch and sports cinema in a central location of the Magbentah community. The facilities will provide six amputees with jobs and serve 16 football teams identified in the community, including children and women’s teams. Weekly trainings held at the pitch will not only promote the peaceful spirit of the community, but also help to develop residents’ skills and add value to the development of the community.

SLASA uses sports to develop amputees, communities, peace and social integration. It works with 350 members across five districts of Sierra Leone, providing regular trainings and organizing diverse competitions and peace events.

A good standard amputee football pitch will be constructed for 500 young people in the Magbentah Community, and will be available for weekly trainings for five female teams, three children’s teams and eight male teams.