IBISS Foundation

IBISS has programs which empower the disadvantaged to take control of their future.

IBISS (Instituto Brasileiro de Inovações em Saúde Social) works in many of Rio’s most deprived communities, where violence and the drug trade are rife and basic infrastructure is lacking. IBISS has programs in more than 60 locations which empower the disadvantaged – including people involved in criminal activities - to take control of their future.

Favela Street uses football as a tool to improve the skills of ex-soldiers from the IBISS project ‘Soldados Nunca Mais’. These young people are trained as soccer coaches and become role models as they work with children in their local communities.

Favela Street works with young people who have decided to turn their lives around by leaving the drug trade as well as those who are at risk of being drawn into drug trafficking. IBISS trains participants as soccer coaches, teaching them that they can make a difference in their communities by helping to provide their peers and younger generations with positive alternatives to the drug trade. Through this experience, participants also gain vital communication, organizational and social skills, which help increase their opportunities for the future and prevent them from falling back.

IBISS works in a number of the most violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The organization bridges the gap between people that are socially excluded and government services, and empowers people to create their own future.

Through soccer schools and tournaments run in numerous favelas, Favela Street will reach over five thousand children.